How we work

Our mission is to re-invent the moving images in all its amazing narrative and non narrative forms using high and low definition film and video, animation, programming, visual art and (VR) virtual reality. To explore new frontiers for advertising commercials, music video, documentary and full length films. We work with the best directors producers, programmers artist and storytellers. To make the most compelling visual solutions possible for our commissioners and clients worldwide. To master the moving image and sound format, and create the next generation moments that is something everyone will talk about.

Understanding your needs

We will understand your needs, develop solutions through dialogue and produce the highest quality product which does your organisation proud, projecting your ideas and aspirations. We will support you to achieve your goals by creating your unique and stylish identity, underpinning your objectives and ensuring that you are the highest profile “go to” organisation in your field.

Our Team

Our co-hesive team of dynamic talented and experienced creatives has over 20 years experience. We lead the way in developing bespoke and cutting edge solutions for our clients. Our award winning production company accesses the highest calibre skills and technicians to achieve the high quality outcome you expect.

Our flexible, responsive and thorough programme management ensures that your production is delivered on time, on budget  with a liberal sprinkling of the Evewright Studio dream dust.